Storm Seasons… How should you prepare?

As winter is coming to a close and we enter the warming springtime we also enter the next storm season. In Melbourne, October in particular is a big month for storms.

With storms, unfortunately damage to our roofs can follow. Loose ridge caps can fly off in strong winds, hail can damage and crack brittle tiles and when the heavy rain starts you may just find out about that leak you never even knew existed!

It’s not all doom and gloom – we can prepare our roofs for the upcoming erratic weather changes in our beautiful city of Melbourne. Prevention is better than cure, so here is a couple of things we can do to discover any potential problems before they occur:

Roof cleaning – Having your roof professionally cleaned with constant inspection will ensure that any gaps and damaged tiles are found. This will also allow the professional to discover any potential leaks that can be repaired so as to prevent any future damage to the contents of your home and building structure.

Roof Coating – After having your roof cleaned and any potential risks discovered and repaired we can apply our top quality seal, which will ensure a secure roof during that next downpour. Not only does sealing protect your roof from leakages but also the harsh heat of summer.

Gutter cleaning and Replacement – Heavy rain can very quickly reveal where unknown blocked and damaged gutters are hiding. Why not regularly have your gutters cleaned and checked? This will reduce the risks of any large overflowing mess! We use quality gutter products that will enhance the protection of your home.

The key to storm season is regular roof maintenance. Why not book in for our FREE 43-point Roof inspection today!