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For over thirty years the professional and passionate team of roofing contractors at WorldClass Roofing have brought their expertise to a deliver a superior level of service to homes throughout Melbourne’s metro area. Our attentive and detailed team aim to provide all our clients with a comprehensive roofing experience, tailored to their roofing needs. Whether it’s roof tile replacement or roof tile coating, Melbourne’s homes can rely on World Class Roofing.

Out of This World Quality

Our expert roof contractors are highly experienced in roof tile replacement in Melbourne’s homes, and can complete a range of related tasks, with all the efficiency and quality for which we’re known. Our roofs are easy to maintain, requiring little maintenance once we’ve completed the roof installation. You’ll find that when it comes to roof tile replacement in Melbourne, our team have versatility, working with both cement and terracotta tiles. Thanks to the material composition of these tiles, they are the Melbourne’s homeowner’s best option for a roof that will keep interiors cool during the harsh summer months.

Roof Tile Coating Melbourne

Want to protect your roof for longer, to save you money on repairs farther down the track? Remember that your roof, year after year, is battered by harsh Australian conditions. Rain, debris, hail, solar radiation – it’s important that you have as much protection for your roof as possible. The best way to safe guard your roof is with roof tile coating. Melbourne home owners can trust our team of skilled professionals to use the finest defensive materials, with a service delivered at very affordable prices. So confident are we of our services, we provide a seven-year guarantee on all materials and workmanship for our roof tile coating. Melbourne home owners will enjoy the upmost customer satisfaction.

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