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Looking for the perfect solution when it comes to metal roofing? Colorbond offers an excellent option.

Why Colorbond?

Colorbond roofing is a great alternative to tiles, giving you these benefits:

  • Longevity and Minimal Maintenance: A Colorbond roof will last for decades, providing long lasting protection. It also requires very little maintenance.
  • Light Weight: This material is relatively light-weight. This quality causes less strain to your home’s structure than heavier materials such as terracotta or concrete tiles.
  • Excellent Insulating Qualities: Colorbond helps to cool your home during summer and keep it warmer in the winter. In hot weather, it stays cool during the daylight hours thanks to its reflective quality. Also, its low mass also means that any heat it absorbs is quickly released once the direct sunlight has subsided. In the colder weather, its lack of ventilation helps hold the heat indoors.
  • Improved Security: Colorbond will provide enhanced security to your home. This is due to the way it’s installed, securely fastened to the rafters with screws, which makes it much more difficult for both burglars and possums to enter your home from the roof.
  • Superior Storm Protection: Melbourne’s unpredictable weather patterns require a roof that can offer strong protection. Hailstorms, extreme heat and strong winds give our roofs an absolute beating. This roofing has the ability withstand our harsh environmental abuse.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: This material offers a broad range of colours and clean modern lines to add an attractive finish to your home.

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