5 Common Reasons Why Roofs Leak

Roofs can begin to leak for a wide range of reasons, necessitating repairs to prevent further damage. Here are five of the most common reasons why.

Destructive weather

While a roof is expected to hold up under rain, even a well-constructed one in a reasonably good condition isn’t immune from Mother Nature’s wrath. Heavy rainfalls and damaging winds can prove to be a particularly destructive combination, blowing off tiles and panels and causing leaks to occur.

Broken or cracked tiles

Tiles that are broken or cracked can lead to leaks developing. Roof tiles can break easily when they’re stepped on, so it’s important to take care if accessing your roof for any reason. Tiles can also become broken or cracked by branches dropping onto them, and even from children throwing items onto the roof, such as heavy balls and cricket bats.

Old or broken skylights

Skylights are particularly problematic for leaks, as there are a number of problems that can occur. It’s possible for installation to be performed incorrectly, leaving gaps where water can get through. They can also become cracked and damaged by hailstones and branches, and performance can be affected by accumulated leaves. Finally, plain old wear and tear is a factor, with older skylights developing more leaks.

Rusty roofs

For roofs that are constructed from a metal material such as steel or tin, it’s important to watch for the signs of rusting, as severe rust can lead to holes developing. Luckily, it takes a while for rust to become bad enough for leaks to develop, so identifying rust early and taking steps to repair any damage can help prevent any extensive problems.

Unprotected Chimneys

Chimneys are another common cause of roof leaks, with inadequately waterproofed chimneys often being the culprit. If water is leaking into your house through your chimney, it’s vital to call in a roofing professional who can ensure your chimney and house is protected from leaks.

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